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Our team of Volunteers who transformed the clothing closet at RIA!

Our team of Volunteers who transformed the clothing closet at RIA!


The Church on the move…

God is moving His people to embrace refugees here in Rochester!

On Saturday morning, March 30, over 20 volunteers from 8 different churches came out bright and early and completely transformed the clothing closet at the Rochester International Academy (RIA). We were inspired to hear about the work that RIA is doing, and several of us signed up to volunteer there on a regular basis. Thank you, Liz Vazquez and David Bovard for organizing this incredible day, and for helping us get a taste of what embracing refugees can be like!

On Saturday, April 6, ten American christians from 3 different churches joined the youth and young adults from Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (Nepali). We enjoyed a time of worship in both Nepali and English, heard about the beautiful clothing that several of the women wore from their home cultures, and heard about the cultures of India, Nepal and Bhutan. The evening ended with a fantastic Nepali meal that we enjoyed while sitting cross-legged on the ground in typical Asian fashion (well, at least those of us limber enough to sit cross-legged!). Thank you, Pastor Dinesh Rai for initiating this event, as well as each of you who hosted us so wonderfully. We can’t wait for the next one!

There isn’t enough space to talk about American and Nepali churches meeting together for worship, small groups coming alongside new families, American women visiting refugee mothers weekly to help them improve their English as well as many others volunteering their time at one of the agencies here in Rochester serving refugees.

Thank you God for guiding us to welcome our new neighbors, and for revealing Yourself to us through them!