Our Mission: Why Refuge Rochester?

If you’ve been tracking with Refuge Rochester I hope you understand that we exist to help churches in Rochester embrace refugees and immigrants as a way of welcoming Jesus (Matt. 25: 35). We aim to educate evangelical Christians towards a Biblical perspective on refugees and immigration.

This Biblical perspective is incredibly important and a huge personal challenge for each of us to develop internally. The task of then passing that perspective on to those around us?!? Oh my.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, our views of refugees and immigrants is being shaped daily-as are those of our family members and friends. The constant coverage of these issues in the news media IS shaping our minds. If we’re not carefully immersing ourselves in the scriptures we will develop perspectives on this issue that are not in agreement with God’s perspective, and we will most likely pass those perspectives on to those around us.

Will you join us in this journey by beginning to immerse yourself in the Scriptures with us? God has something to teach us from our dear neighbors from far-away places, and we don’t want to miss out.

If you’d like to begin immersing yourself in scripture related to God’s perspective on refugees, you can check out our resource page here:

If you want to go even deeper, we highly recommend this excellent and very readable book by Karen Gonzelez:

God bless you as you welcome Him to our community by welcoming the stranger!