The Refuge Rochester blog begins

The country of Nepal has been ‘temporary’ home for the roughly 60,000 refugees who fled the country of Bhutan in the early 1990’s. Most of those who were displaced had been living in the southern part of Bhutan for generations, but were forced to flee due to political and religious persecution from the majority people group in that country. Those that fled the country remained in refugee camps where their numbers grew to roughly 110,000. In 2007 the UN began to resettle the Bhutanese, and today roughly 7000 refugees remain in Nepal, almost 30 years later!

I had the privilege of traveling to Nepal at the end of May in order to take part in the dedication of a new church building, and while there went to visit one of the remaining refugee camps. This trip began to build in me a desire to develop more of my own view of the global refugee crisis, how it relates to my Christianity as well as what God could be calling us to as His people in Rochester, New York.

I hope you’ll join us at Refuge Rochester as we seek to embrace and welcome the refugees and immigrants that God is bringing to our city. I hope you’ll follow our blog as we record some of the process that He is leading us through as we grow in this ministry.