Join us in prayer: September 29, 2019


• Presidential determination of 18,000 refugees allowed during FY 2020. With close to 26 million refugees globally, we are now willing to receive only .07% of those currently stuck with no way to go home. (World Relief)

• Over 42,000 asylum seekers have been returned to Mexico for the duration of their immigration court proceedings, which are now being held in tents along the borders with judges overseeing the process through video feed due to their great distance from the border (Newsweek and other news sources)

Requests and Thanksgiving- ... by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God... (Phil. 4)

• 18,000 people who currently have no citizenship in a country could be resettled into our country in the coming year!

• The administration continues to push for asylum seekers to be returned to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, some of the most dangerous countries in the world (

• For the many children, women, handicapped, pregnant women who are currently stuck ‘in-between’ at the US/Mexico border and in countries like Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and other places.

• For peace in places like Syria, Venezuela, Myanmar, El Salvador, Guatemala.


• Consistent reports of Muslims coming to know Jesus in places like Lebanon (first hand experience and report)

• Churches and Christians on both sides of the US/Mexico border who are caring for the thousands of vulnerable people. Many churches opening their doors and allowing asylum seekers to sleep there, providing meals, etc...

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