Join us in prayer

1. Pray for the estimated 65 million people displaced around the world, many of whom are afraid and fleeing terrible situations. Pray for the situation at the US/Mexico border as many local churches are ministering to the needs of desperate people stuck in limbo. Pray for justice for those who are seeking safety and asylum.

2. Pray for the new arrivals coming each month. We have families from Afghanistan, Burma, Congo and Ukraine among other countries arriving regularly. Pray for good connections to be made with local churches, as well as with extended family and friends that are already here.

3. Pray for evangelical churches of Rochester. Pray for unity as we stand together to welcome our new neighbors. Pray that we would be known for our humble love for Jesus, hospitality, compassion, and love toward refugees and the displaced.

4. Pray for Elected Officials, both locally and nationally as they make decisions that have profound impacts on the lives of the vulnerable throughout the world. Pray especially for recent changes in the Federal government that could potentially lead to more openness towards refugees and immigrants.

5. Pray for Peace in places around the world where vulnerable people are fleeing. Pray especially for the situation in Yemen and Syria in the on-going conflicts there.

6. Pray for Refuge Rochester, that we would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we discern our place among the churches of Rochester, New York.

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